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blue_shirt_300x300Congratulations to everyone that’s contributed to this fight for what we love, our Blue Shirts, and as previously said; to the founders of the Facebook page, a brilliant job you have done…thank you.

Now everyone’s had a good chance to witness the arrogance of Head Office towards its Volunteers. Sad considering that they are paid to support us, not dictate to us for its we who physically fight the fires, we don’t do it in air conditioned office, we’re the ones that are “out there” staring the fires in the face. One man’s ability to bury ones head deep in the sand for fear of losing face is sad indeed. Keep supporting the Facebook page, show your support & spread the word among all other RFS Volunteers that there is now a Survey available to gauge your thoughts on the Blue Shirts return. Click on the Survey link below:

Bring back the blue drill shirt Survey

For twenty years & more, RFS Volunteers have purchased the Blue Shirts out of their own pockets & at much great personal expense!

Last sales the shirts sold for $54.00 each. The RFS Commissioner is on record saying:

“I will not be banning Volunteers from wearing Blue Drill Shirts, particularly when Volunteers have paid for these themselves.”

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  1. Samantha, We are getting lower on numbers and are looking for another supplier (who can handle one-off orders). I will send an email with some details to find out what we have available.

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