Volunteer Fire Fighter needs your Help

Here is an opportunity to get behind the Volunteer Firefighter, Oliver.

Olivers story has previously been published on our this website and in our magazine.

Oliver was wrongly accused whilst on duty. He spent 2 years and carries a debt of $105,339.20 fighting these wrongful accusations with no support from the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS).

The Minister for Emergency Services, Mr. Grant knew about Oliver’s case and did nothing to intervene.

The RFS and the NSW Government does not seem to care about the volunteer in this case and many others that the VFFA are following.

My advise to other volunteers is to be careful. Don’t think for a second that the NSW Government has got your back.

The NSW Government will drop an individual in a heartbeat if they think that it will keep the NSW Government (in this case the RFS) out of hot water.

This campaign might just turn the heat up.

I (Mick Holton) donated $100 to get it started, we now have $300 in less than two days and it was only launched properly today.

Click the logo and donate now…

2 Replies to “Volunteer Fire Fighter needs your Help”

  1. I donated on the Go Fund Me page and I am disgusted at the lack of ownership the NSWRFS takes on this matter, particularly seeing salaried staff instigated the initial action without any form of internal investigation. The findings of the Appeal Judge must in part rest squarely on those NSWRFS management and salaried staff involved. Shame on the NSWRFS and shame on the NSW Government for not taking ownership of the RFS unless there is an opportunity to bask in public goodwill that largely results from the efforts of ordinary community minded volunteers who work for their communities.

  2. Dear RFS Commissioner, Shane Fitzsimmons, what are you doing to help this volunteer firefighter?

    Will this ugly chapter in the history of the RFS, be part of your legacy?

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