Volunteers are keen to catch up with the new Minister

The VFFA sent a letter to the new Minister for Emergency Services, The Hon. David Elliott, MP on the 6th April, 2015.

The letter was prepared by the VFFA Vice President, Brian Williams and it provided the Minister with an overview of the Volunteer Fire Fighters Association, a congratulatory welcome message  and a request for the VFFA representatives to meet with him at his earliest convenience.

The paragraph that included the meeting request read as follows:

You may be aware that the VFFA has not had the relationship with your predecessor that we felt was as constructive and effective as it could have been. We are very keen to work with you, collaboratively and on the basis of mutual respect. Our aims are not dissimilar to what we believe are yours, that is for the best possible volunteer fire fighting service delivered in a cost effective way which best supports our community and environment. To that end we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you at your earliest convenience to lay the foundations for our positive working relationship for the many years that we hope you will be in your current role.

You can download the letter using the following link:


The VFFA acknowledges that we do not represent all volunteer firefighters but we do represent a very large number of them and we are keen to open the lines of communication between us all.

We also acknowledge that the Minister is very busy as he settles into his new role.

The Minister was quoted as saying:

“I’m now in charge of both (fire stations and State Emergency Services) and I’m looking forward to working with my local emergency service workers so that I get a good understanding of the broader issues affecting the industry and the portfolio”.

Again, we congratulate the Hon. David Elliott, MP and we encourage you all to get involved by:

  1. Having your say – we will publish your comments if they are appropriate and not disrespectful.
  2. Sending your own correspondence to the Premier, The Hon. (Mike) Michael Baird, MP and to Emergency Services Minister, The Hon. David Elliott, MP.






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