Wildfire smoke worsens coronavirus risk, putting firefighters in extra danger

The American fire website Wildfire Today has an interesting article on the impact of bushfire smoke on people’s health.

Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health conducted a nationwide study of county-level data and found that even a small increase in the amount of PM2.5 from one U.S. county to the next was associated with a large increase in the death rate from COVID-19. While small increases in PM2.5 also raise the risk of death from other causes for older adults, the magnitude of the increase for COVID-19 was about 20 times greater. The results were released last week, before the usual peer review process was conducted, to help warn people of the risks.

You can monitor air quality on the Windy.com site by selecting PM2.5 from the Air Quality options on the right of the screen.

This picture shows the global air quality today:

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2 Replies to “Wildfire smoke worsens coronavirus risk, putting firefighters in extra danger”

  1. Volunteering Is THe Art Of The Heart

    These two wonderful volunteer veteran firefighters from Bilpin are absolutely true heroes in term of their dedication and commitment to their community and the sacrifices that they have made along their lengthy volunteering life to protect the vulnerable lives entrusted into their care interventions and also property and wildlife species.

    Age only comes to people who have no purpose or commitment in life and these two selfless kind gentleman are truly what life is all about ie, kindness , compassion, integrity, putting others before themselves and massive amounts of professionalism.

    Being totally committed over many decades speaks volumes for humanity as many volunteer firefighters hang up their boots for good with limited commitment.

    To these brave men, I thank you.

    Glenda George

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