Two Bilpin Veterans Given a Lap of Honour

Bilpin RFS photo

Bilpin Rural Fire Brigade members Bill Johnson Snr and Albert Johnson each have more than 70 years of RFS service behind them.

On June 20th the two were given a Lap of Honour and were given a ride in the Cat 1 Tanker from Bilpin to Kurrajong Heights and then back to Berambing before returning to the Fire Shed at Bilpin.

This is the two of them leaving the Bilpin fire shed:

Bilpin RFS photo

Here they are passing VFFA Vice President Brian Williams and his family saluting the two:

Jeremy Braithwaite photo

On the way back from Kurrajong Heights

Jeremy Braithwaite photo
Jeremy Braithwaite photo

At the fire shed they were presented with their 70 Year medals:

Bilpin RFS photo

And just look at the cake!

Bilpin RFS photo

The two are neighbours and brothers-in-law. In 2014 Albert was at home when a fire started behind the fire shed. He calmly put it out on his own. The two remained active during the recent Gospers Mountain Fire.

There’s more on the Bilpin RFS Facebook page.

Congratulations Bill and Albert from the VFFA!

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