A Compassionate and Supportive Cabinet?

As reported by Alexandra Smith (SMH) on the 31st March 2019, Premier Gladys Berejiklian says her government will be compassionate and supportive as she unveiled her new cabinet on Sunday, which will have have a strong emphasis on social change.

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What about the Emergency Services portfolio?

Mr David Elliott has said the following on his Facebook page:

The Premier has just announced that I will be the Minister for Police and Minister for Emergency Services for the new State Parliamentary term. This is a great honour. I’m thrilled to be returning to the Emergency Services portfolio and can’t wait to get back to work with the RFS, SES, Volunteer Rescue Association, Marine Rescue, St John Ambulance, Surf Life Saving and of course Fire and Rescue NSW. Taking on the police portfolio is a great challenge. Having “married into” the Police Force (23 years ago today!) I’ve always had a great respect for the work done by those who are prepared to put their lives on the line to protect their fellow citizens every single day. For me, my focus in the new role will be to ensure the welfare of all our officers is always front of mind to both government and the public, to promote the use of technology to fight crime and protect us from natural disasters and of course to guarantee the taxpayers of NSW get value for money out of their government. I’m encouraged that the Premier has chosen my colleagues Melanie Gibbons and Mark Taylor as Parliamentary Secretaries in this portfolio and I’m confident our team is ready for the challenges ahead.

The VFFA is not thrilled that Mr Elliott is returning – here’s why:

How is it possible for Mr Elliot to show compassion and support based upon his track record with the VFFA Volunteer Firefighters.

At at an RFSA Conference, Mr Elliott stated that he’d never heard of our association….even though he had written to us some weeks prior.

Mr Elliott has a short memory, he wrote to the VFFA some week prior to this video

Then in a “face to face” meeting with Mr Elliott, in Deputy Premier, Troy Grant’s office at Parliament House, he stated that very soon the RFS would be recruiting more and more highly skilled people and that soon they could do away with the Dad’s Army.

Shortly afterwards, Tim Barlass of the Sydney Morning Herald wrote a story about David Elliott’s Dad’s Army comment.

Click HERE to view the news article by Tim Barlass.

After the Dad’s Army article was published, the VFFA took a phone call from former Upper House National’s Member, Rick Colless, who stated:

“Elliott’s just rung me and he’s going off his tree, he’s told me to tell you all that unless you retract the story from the SMH, Elliott’s going to sue you all”

Plenty of witnesses to the above statement.

Since March 2011, when the Liberal / National State Government first came into power, we are now about to have the fifth Minister in eight years.

How is this a good demonstration of a compassionate and supportive government?

Why not give the role to Melinda Pavey?

Melinda showed a great deal of compassion and support when she was serving the people of NSW as the Shadow Minister for Emergency Services. It would seem as though she has been handed a poison chalice in the form of water.

Click HERE to view the new cabinet lineup.

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One Reply to “A Compassionate and Supportive Cabinet?”

  1. Does the new state Coalition Government have a vision for emergency management reform in NSW?

    Does David Elliott MP, the new Minister for Police and Emergency Services have the foresight and courage to implement reform or will it be a case of business as usual?

    Victoria, WA and Queensland have recognised that restructuring of emergency services brings efficiencies and saves taxpayer dollars.

    The creation of one emergency management agency, the appointment of a NSW Emergency Services Commissioner to have overall responsibility for coordination before, during and after all major emergencies and the integration of Fire and Rescue NSW, RFS and SES under the umbrella of one emergency management agency surely is a more efficient option than the overlapping, duplication and fragmentation between the emergency services we currently have in NSW.

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