There are 142 State Conservation Areas in NSW (Ref: and a total of over 6,500 Travelling Stock Reserves (TSRs) throughout NSW, covering an area of approximately 740,000 hectares (Ref:

They were originally intended to support the grazing industry but they can be used for also used for public recreation, apiary sites and conservation.

The photographs below were taken on the Barton Hwy. The TSR in the photograph below has been set aside for remnant vegetation conservation.

conservation I dont think so 01

Remnant vegetation or bushland can be defined as those patches of native trees, shrubs and grasses still remaining.

Perhaps we need to review our land management practices.

A look at the research by Bill Gammage and his book  titled “The Biggest Estate on Earth – how Aborigines made Australia” suggests that we are not managing our conservation areas very well at all.

Another great read is “Firestick Ecology” by Vic Jurskis.

There are examples like these photographs all over Australia.

Some people don’t notice and green academics don’t want to see it.

The photograph below (also taken at the Hall TSR) shows unmanaged area on the left and mown rest area on right.

conservation I dont think so 02

Conservation Area = dying trees, weeds and extreme fire hazard.

Don’t take our word for it, have a closer look for yourself… the evidence is all around you.

Conservation? – I dont think so
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