FLIR K1 Situational Awareness Camera Giveaway

The FLIR K1 Situational Awareness Camera is a lightweight, pistol-grip thermal imaging camera designed to give a complete view of the fire scene through smoke or in total darkness, without ever losing line of sight.

This 160 × 120 pixel, thermal camera helps you see through smoke or in total darkness, for additional situational awareness that is not possible with the naked eye.

With a bright, integrated torchlight, the FLIR K1 illuminates the scene so you can navigate easily and manage the crew more effectively.

The FLIR K1 is pocket-portable or attaches easily to a belt using the included pouch so it’s always on hand for investigations around buildings, industrial settings, traffic accidents, bushfire calls, or search and rescue activities. 

At under $900 AUD, the FLIR K1 will allow more emergency service workers to adopt the power of thermal imaging. At that price, the VFFA would like every NSW RFD fire brigade or fire truck to have a FLIR K1 Situational Awareness Camera.

Get a FLIR K1 Situational Awareness Camera for your Brigade

The VFFA has 25 FLIR K1 Situational Awareness Cameras to give away, thanks to FLIR Systems for this generous donation.

If you would like to get one of these FLIR K1 Situational Awareness Cameras for your Brigade, send an email to stating in 10 dot points, how you would use your new FLIR K1 Situational Awareness Camera.

Here are two examples to get you started:

  1. Looking for hot spots when blacking out.
  2. Fireground size up
  3. …..

This opportunity is available to all NSW RFS Brigades, VFFA membership is not a pre-requisite.

The conditions of this opportunity are:

  1. Make an application with the 10 dot points.
  2. Applications must include a single point of contact from the Brigade with a phone number and email address.
  3. Applications must be received before midnight on Sunday 19th April 2020.
  4. Successful applications will be announced on Friday 24th April on the VFFA web site and the successful Brigades will be contacted.
  5. If your Brigade is successful, you will be required to record a 30 second (max) video that we can pass on to FLIR Systems saying thank you for the FLIR K1 Situational Awareness Camera and thanks to the VFFA for their assistance.
  6. If your Brigade is successful, the FLIR K1 serial number will be recorded and the details of your Brigade will be passed onto FLIR Systems.
  7. If your Brigade is successful, your Brigade will also be required to register your new FLIR K1 Situational Awareness Camera with FLIR Systems (as per the user manual).

A big thank you to FLIR Systems for this kind donation and a fantastic opportunity for our Volunteer Brigades.

Learn more about the FLIR K1 Situational Awareness Camera

Visit for more information

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3 Replies to “FLIR K1 Situational Awareness Camera Giveaway”

  1. FLIR K1 would be an amazing asset for the Wedderburn Fire Brigade.

    After reading all the valuable information on this product, it is just what we need to facilitate astute situational awareness on the menacing and unpredictable fire ground into the future.
    The conditions that were experienced recently in the catastrophic fire outcomes speaks volumes .

    Glenda George

  2. FLIR K1 Situational Awareness Camera giveaway.
    Kurrajong Heights RFS is situated within the interphase between the sprawling Sydney basin and Blue Mountains/ Wollemi National Parks. During the last fire season, the Gospers Mountain fire drove home to many of us the importance of thoroughly blacking out the edge of a back burn in an effort to contain a wildfire. Inspections of the edge would be made all the more effective if the FLIR K1 were to be available.
    Having semi-rural communities within our brigade area also poses difficulties. Detecting ignition in roof cavities from chimney fires, mulch pile fires, haystack fires and house fires in general can be problematic. The FLIR K1 would provide a fantastic tool that would assist the crew to detect all burning material and enable them to thoroughly extinguish the fire.
    Our brigade has put together ten points detailing our proposed use of the FLIR K1. We could;
    1. Ensure an edge is thoroughly ‘Blacked Out’ after a back burn or HR.
    2. Detect potential hot spots in roof cavities after initial flue/chimney fire has been extinguished.
    3. Detect hot spots in mulch piles.
    4. Detect hot spots in haystacks.
    5. Determine the heat of a door before entering a potentially hazardous house fire.
    6. Find persons trapped in a smoke filled room or environment.
    7. Find your way out of a smoke filled room or environment.
    8. Using the integrated flashlight and spot target, directing crew to apply water onto a hotspot.
    9. Capture evidence that may be used later to show that fire was actually present.
    10. Detect potential hazards at an MVA.

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