Frenchie and Barry Mac are back

Graham French and Barry Mac (formerly the morning show team at South Coast Radio 2ST) are moving back to Community Radio.

Covering important community issues on their new radio show known as Shoalhaven FNB (Frenchie N Barry).

The show starts on Thur, 12th Jan at 9:00am on Community Radio Triple U FM.

Don’t miss this first program with the VFFA President, Mick Holton talking about four key areas of VFFA focus:

  1. Bullying and Harassment
  2. Let’s put the RURAL back into the Rural Fire Service
  3. Funding Arrangements
  4. Common sense approaches towards firefighting and land management

You will be able to catch this program and many others by Barry Mac and Graham French by:

Check out the promo video (below) and don’t forget to visit and like their Facebook page.

Click HERE to listen to Triple U FM live.


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