This video is about the return of Indigenous burning practices to Victoria.

Created by the Living Knowledge Place.

Return of the Firestick – Caring for country in Victoria with Indigenous Fire
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One thought on “Return of the Firestick – Caring for country in Victoria with Indigenous Fire

  • January 2, 2018 at 10:47 am

    Good morning folks it’s great to hear that traditional methods are being recognised and valued. My name is Berwyn Lamapitt and I am programs manager at Wulgunggo Ngalu Learning Place. a mens program based near Yarram at Macks Creek for aboriginal men. Our site is 186 acres of mainly bush. We conduct onsite traing via the local TAFE provider, Federation Training and am in discussions with them to have more land management focussed training included in our program for the men participating here. We are also hoping to become involved in parks work opportunities and am planning to meet with GLAWAC early this year to look into opportunities for the men to have some basic traing towards becoming ready to work with parks as part of the draft native title land management stratagy that has been developed. Are you able to conduct training for this in Gippsland and if so is there options for the ‘firestick’ to be facilitated here at our program? We can accommodate up to 18 men at a time and they are axpected to commit to a 3 month involvement with us. Please contact so we may discuss further

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