Keeping the RFS Rural

RFS Headquarters Relocation to Orange, Parkes, Dubbo is Back on the Table

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Member for Orange Philip Donato has declared that the prospect of relocating the NSW Rural Fire Service Headquarters to a rural community is back on the agenda.

“I’ve heard the message loud and clear that the Central West wants to see the Rural Fire Service based in a rural community such as Orange, Parkes and Dubbo,” Mr Donato said.

“Part of my job as the Member for Orange has been to make sure those concerns of my local community are heard in Parliament.

“As a result, my Upper House Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party colleague Robert Borsak launched an inquiry into emergency services agencies last week. Part of its focus will be on where the Rural Fire Service should be based.

“It just makes sense to have such an important rural service based outside Sydney, and there’s already a precedent in having the New South Wales State Emergency Service based in Wollongong.

“At a time when Canberra politicians are focusing on decentralising the public service away from Canberra, it’s high time that we have the same focus on the New South Wales public service.

“Since the closure of the Electrolux factory in Orange and other job losses throughout the Central West, I know my electorate could certainly benefit from the jobs boost that would come from the Rural Fire Service being based here.”

Mr Donato said that other aspects of the Upper House inquiry will examine bullying and harassment within emergency service agencies such as the Rural Fire Service, Ambulance Service, Police Force, State Emergency Service, and Fire and Rescue New South Wales.

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Keeping the RFS Rural
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