The VFFA strongly opposes the view that was published in the Sunday Telegraph by Mr Greg Mullins (former Commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW) that climate change is a major fear when it comes to fighting wildfire.

The fuel loads are far more confronting than a hot day. If you add a hot day and wind to a fire with massive fuel loads then you’re in for a terrible time.

The simple fact is that without fuel, there would be no fire at all. When you have large fuel loads then there is a potential for larger fires.

Less fuel equals less fire potential and intensity.

Land management is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by government and it is not limited to bushfire hazard reduction.

In this video, the VFFA President and Shooters Fishers and Farmers candidate for Monaro, Mick Holton talks to Barry Aitchison about land management.

Mick says that the NSW Government has failed to provide appropriate land management. The costs of this failure are hard to calculate, they include huge expenditure on firefighting, increased insurance premiums and reactive rather than proactive expenditure to correct land management disasters such as weeds, feral animals, water yield problems.

It would be far better to spend the savings on hospitals, schools and further improvements to our National Parks.

Land Management and Cool Burning
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