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Congratulations to SBS insight for producing a brilliant program that is a “must see” for all Australians that want to see our environment protected.

By SBS Insight
Airdate: Tuesday, February 16, 2016 – 20:30 (can be viewed online – see below)
Channel: SBS

I urge everyone to take the time to watch this program.

Feel free to add your feedback and comments below, we will publish any appropriate comments for the positives and negatives.


Tim and Tammy Holmes sheltered under a jetty with their five grandchildren while a firestorm swept across their property in Tasmania, destroying their home and putting their lives in jeopardy. They thought they were prepared. They weren’t.

Their story is not uncommon.

Despite countless major bushfires over the past decade, there are many things we still don’t know.

  • Is it best to stay or go?
  • How do you decide?
  • How can we prepare and prevent?
  • What are the financial damages, and the cost of new building regulations?
  • Should we be allowed to build in high-risk areas?

This summer alone, eight people have been killed in fire events, and almost 400 homes lost in Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia.

Insight delves into one of the most terrifying feats of nature; one that has scarred the Australian landscape for centuries.


One Reply to “Line of Fire – SBS News”

  1. If Victor Steffensen has been doing this work for twenty years as he says, there is very little hope for us. This program gives a very graphic picture of the stubborn, pig headed behaviour of the nonindigenous people in authority. Resistant to change, a better way, because it is not of them. Crass and dangerous stupidity.
    As a hunter of venison who enjoys the bush, I would love to have his knowledge of the land and its life. It would make me a better hunter, but also richer for simply knowing more.

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