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Inquiry into Emergency Services Agencies close on 23rd July 2017

This post includes a VFFA video that was created to help promote the NSW Legislative Council, Upper House Committee  inquiry into Emergency Services Agencies.

Submissions close on the 23rd July 2017.

This inquiry is not limited the the RFS. It is looking at bullying, harassment and discrimination in all emergency service agencies as well as relocation of the NSW RFS head office or Headquarters to a regional location.

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Private Fire Fighting Units

We are seeing an increase in privately owned fire fighting equipment across Australia as rural people are deciding to ‘go it alone’. In NSW, farmers are working with their neighbours to provide fire protection that was once coordinated and supported by the state of NSW.

We are also seeing a trend where the NSW RFS is holding fire crews back from active firefighting activities because they are concerned about the safety of their volunteers. At the same time, the RFS is determined to stop the freelance firefighters and local land owners from battling the fires without the RFS.

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The Hon. Robert Borsak MLC talks about bullying, harassment and discrimination

Radio 2UUU morning host, Barry Mac talks to the Hon. Robert Borsak MLC (Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party) about the inquiry into and report on emergency services agencies with a focus upon:

1. Bullying, harassment and discrimination
2. Support structures in place to assist victims
3. Support services available to emergency services workers and volunteers with related mental health issues
4. The appropriateness of uniforms provided to personnel in emergency services agencies
5. The relocation of the New South Wales Rural Fire Services Headquarters to Orange, Dubbo or Parkes

Submissions close on the 23rd July 2017

Please don’t remain silent, the VFFA is prepared to assist where possible and we have been assured that a range of protective measures can be applied if you are worried about retribution.

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The future of volunteering in fire and emergency services (Australia wide)

A newsletter (from the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades WA Inc) clearly highlights that volunteer firefighters in Western Australia are endangered unless radical changes to the existing city-centric management occur. The VFFA continues to campaign to protect the future of volunteer firefighters in New South Wales from the same demise.

The decline of the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) has been documented in their own financial reports.

… our diverse volunteer family needs specialist understanding and better support… something that a city-centric, para-military bureaucracy simply can not deliver.

Put the RURAL back into the Rural Fire Service.

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Catastrophic Bureaucracy – NSW Rural Fire Service

If the NSW Government does not move the NSW Rural Fires Service head office to a regional or rural locality, we are in danger of losing any hope of restoring faith in the NSW RURAL Fire Service. We need to take immediate action. Any delay puts the future of our volunteer based RURAL Fire Service at greater risk.

Leaving the NSW RURAL Fire Service in Sydney will further exacerbate the situation with catastrophic levels of bureaucracy and red tape that is far removed from the grass roots service delivery that regional and RURAL people once knew. Today’s city-centric management has lost touch with the original intention of the RURAL Fire Service with skilled and experienced firefighters walking away after many years of dedicated service.

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Inquiry into Emergency Services Agencies

The Legislative Council, Portfolio Committee No. 4 – Legal Affairs will inquire into and report on emergency services agencies, and in particular:

a) The prevalence of bullying, harassment and discrimination, as well as the effectiveness of the protocols and procedures in place to manage and resolve such complaints within emergency services agencies, including: New South Wales Rural Fire Service, Fire and Rescue New South Wales, New South Wales Police Force, Ambulance Service of New South Wales, and New South Wales State Emergency Service.

b) The support structures in place to assist victims of workplace bullying, harassment and/ or discrimination within emergency services agencies.

c) The support services available to emergency services workers and volunteers to assist with mental health issues resulting from workplace trauma and the effectiveness of those programs.

d) The appropriateness of uniforms provided to personnel in emergency services agencies.

e) The relocation of the New South Wales Rural Fire Services Headquarters to Orange, Dubbo or Parkes.

f) Any other related matter.

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Keeping the RFS Rural

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Member for Orange Philip Donato has declared that the prospect of relocating the NSW Rural Fire Service Headquarters to a rural community is back on the agenda.

He said that the message is loud and clear that the Central West wants to see the Rural Fire Service based in a rural community such as Orange, Parkes or Dubbo.

His Upper House Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party colleague Robert Borsak launched an inquiry into emergency services agencies last week. Part of its focus will be on where the Rural Fire Service should be based.

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Well done Mr Barilaro – Next step is to move the RFS Head Office

A very big and sincere well done to the NSW Deputy Premier and Minister for Small Business, John Barilaro as he explains the “Easy to do business” program.

Mr Barilaro talks about streamlining business operations, boosting the NSW economy, making it easier and the removal of red tape.

He also suggests that much of the bureaucracy associated with the red tape is typical of government.

The VFFA fully supports this fantastic approach but are disappointed in the short sightedness of the NSW Nationals when it comes to the failure to see the vast benefits of relocating the NSW Rural Fire Service Head Office or larger parts thereof to a regional area.

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Is the NSW State Government being Bullied?

Did you know that the bullying and harassment issue has been around for a long time in the NSW RFS and it is not limited to RFS Volunteers?
Where does this bullying and harassment come from and where will it end?
It looks very suspicious when we see the NSW State Government failing to respond to the views of regional and rural communities. One example is the decentralisation of the RFS Head Office.
Are they being influenced by the NSW RFS?
Are they being bullied in some way?

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