Understanding Post Trauma Outcomes

As a volunteer firefighter, you may have experienced exposure to many stressful events while carrying out your duties. These stressful events, such as working on dangerous and unpredictable firegrounds during bushfire threats, can have an impact on the way we feel. The ways in which people experience and process their involvement in such events affect many aspects of their lives.

My name is Lucy Tiley, I am a Master of Clinical Psychology Student at RMIT University interested in surveying how you, as a volunteer firefighter, have dealt with the stressful events of the Black Summer bushfires. Volunteer firefighters perform valuable community service and this research hopes to obtain data that may help to better support this unique group. I would be very grateful for your help with this research.

Please read the Participant Information Sheet. These documents provide information about the research aims, what is involved, and participation information.

Everyone who responds to the survey will receive access to a Wellbeing Package designed for Volunteer Firefighters.

A survey for Australian Firefighters

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