VFFA Magazine – Out Now

Through one in your kit bag for those ‘hurry up and wait’ situations.

The 2019 Summer edition of the VFFA magazine is available now in hardcopy, view online or as a download.

Click the magazine image below to view online.

You can also download a copy of the magazine using the download button.

It’s not too late to sign up as a supporter or voting member of the VFFA and you will get two editions of our magazine delivered to your letterbox free of charge.

How to Join

  1. Visit our Memberships and Subscriptions Page,
  2. Tear out, print out or copy the membership form that appears in our magazine, or
  3. Download a copy of the membership form – click HERE.

VFFA Memberships are free with advertising as our major source of revenue.

A big thank you out to all volunteers who are working hard in such a difficult fire season and a big shout out to our sponsors for supporting the VFFA and making the production of our magazine possible.

Content Sharing

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