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Here’s a good illustration how a raging crown fire was easily controlled when it ran into one-year old fuel

The Bushfire Front in WA was formed in 2002 when it was realised that the standards of fire management in Western Australia had slipped to a dangerous low:

  • The climate was getting drier and possibly hotter, while bush fire fuels were no longer being effectively reduced.
  • There was a massive expansion of the population into bush fire vulnerable areas at the same time that fire fighting manpower was declining.

They detected a dangerous change in attitudes. The government was complacent, or denied there was a problem.  The community was ill-informed about fire, or believed that if a fire came they would be OK, as the firefighters or the water bombers would turn up.

A familiar problem!

Today the Bushfire Front website contains a treasure trove of valuable information. We’ve highlighted a few:

We also found an excellent review of the ‘The Great Koala Scam’, by Vic Jurskis (Connor Court Publishing, Queensland, 2020)

THE GREAT KOALA SCAM: green propaganda, junk science, government waste &  cruelty to animals -- Vic Jurskis

This is also essential reading and explains how the ‘junk science’ of locking up our forests has succeeded in decimating the koala population, as well as many other native species.

Many thanks to John O’Donnell for suggesting this post.

The Bushfire Front
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